The Erg Chebbi desert near Merzouga, is the part of the Moroccan Sahara characterized by majestic sand dunes and their incredible colours: from red to orange, from cream to gold. It is one of the most charming natural environments, a fascinating dimension, a magic, silent, spiritual place.

In front of the dunes there is a little oasis and the small village of Hassi Labeid, inhabited by ex-nomads, the Berbers or Amazighen, free men, as they prefer to call themselves. The houses here are all built in the traditional fashion: with earth dried in the sun and mixed with straw and so their colours is a perfect match to the surrounding sand dunes. The oasis, with its ingenious irrigation system is the perfect place for a quiet walk among palm trees and the small gardens where the villagers grow their vegetables.

The MADU camp located between the dune and stone desert with tents equipped with beds with immaculate linen and private bathroom wirh shower

In Hassi Labied you can enjoy the true Berber hospitality by staying in a traditional family house, Maison Hassan, built according to local building traditions but provided with all modern comforts. Said’s family live next door and they will be happy to cook for you delicious Moroccan meals and to share their traditions and their simple, genuine, quiet life. If you want you can learn how to cook a cous-cous, a tajine or learn the secrets of the exquisite Moroccan bread, prepare it and cook it in the village oven and then taste it while still warm!

While discovering this incredible reality, an excursion in dromedary will take you to an oasis in the heart of the desert. Here everything is already set to spend an unforgettable Berber nignt: a tea in the desert, a Moroccan dinner and a night in a tipical Berber tent to sleep like a real nomad You will be surrounded by the surreal silences of the desert, the smooth lines of the dunes and thousands of brilliant stars.

The Berber tents are made of heavy cloth and supported in the center by wooden poles Inside the tent there are beds with mattresses, blankets, sheets and pillows.