Are you traveling alone in Morocco and arriving with your own vehicle in the desert? You can do it. You can travel independently and contact us only for the excursions and the stay in the desert. We can provide assistance for: excursions to the most fascinating places, camel treks, standard and deluxe tent, excursions in 4×4 vehicles, desert accommodation, Berber village life, excursions and stays with the nomads, guided trekking in the dunes or in the stone desert


Just in front of the majestic Erg Chebbi desert dunes there is a small village of ex nomads called Hassi Labied (5 km from the best known Merzouga) Here you can enjoy Berber hospitality staying in a traditional house, Maison Hassan, built accordind to the local techniques but equiped with all comforts The house has a central courtyard, large terraces, a large Moroccan living room with free wi-fi, dining room and equipped kitchen. There are five bedrooms, all with independent entrance, en-suite bathroom and air conditioning, Said’s family live next to the house and will take care of cooking delicious Moroccan dishes for you, sharing their traditions and simple quiet lifestyle. If you want you can learn how to cook a cous-cous, a tajine or learn the secrets of the exquisite Moroccan bread, prepare it and cook it in the village oven and then taste it while still warm! Maison Hassan is available for both one night stay or longer stays


Do you want to disconnect from the frenetic rhythms of your daily routine? It can be done and it’s cheap

Take a plane to Fez (Ryanair) or Errachidia (Royal Air Maroc), come directly to the desert and spend a week in a Berber house You can relax in the sun, read, learn how to cook Moroccan dishes, walk or ski in the dunes, go trekking or on a camel trek, stroll in the oasis, experience the slow and natural rhythm of the daily life of a Berber village

ONE WEEK STAY IN BERBER HOUSE (8 days/7 nights) at 200 € per person in a double room

Also ideal for meditation groups, yoga,Tai-Chi, Q-Gong, etc.


On a dromedary we will leave the village towards the desert to admire the colors of the sun between the dunes in the two most fascinating moments, at dawn and dusk Lulled by the slow pace of the dromedary and surrounded by a sea of sand with golden, pink and orange tones, you will experience the magical atmosphere of this marvel of nature: the desert Duration: one hour and half

EXCURSION - Berber night

After a ride on a dromedary of about an hour and half, we arrive in an oasis in the heart of the desert There everything is ready for an unforgettable Berber night: a tea in the desert, a Maroccan dinner and a night in a tent just like a real nomad! You will be surrounded by the surreal silences of the desert, the smooth lines of the dunes and thousands of brilliant stars. In the morning, you can climb to the top of the dunes near the oasis and admire the sunrise in the middle of the desert, among a sea of dunes. The laziest ones, on the othe hand, can easly enjoy the show in front of the tent in the company of a hot tea. Or, after a ride in a dromedary, it is possible to stay overnight in a deluxe camp in tents with private bathroom/shower

EXCURSION - Trekking among the dunes

An expert guide will lead you into the middle of the desert and guide you across stretches of sand and make you climb the highest dunes. The propost treks are of varying difficulty and duration according to your level of training and take place only from November to mid-March

EXCURSION - Nomad way of life

This excursion (in 4×4 or dromedary depending on your tastes) will take you to discovery the most remote places still inhabited by nomads, with the possibility of living two or three days in a tent together with these amazing people. Without distractions, immersed in the slow and silent rhythm of the desert we will rediscover the charm of a life in full contact with nature.

EXCURSION - In 4X4 among the dunes

The first stop of this excursion in 4×4 is Merzouga, the largest village in the area, where you can still breathe an atmosphere of other times, vaguely reminiscent of the last frontier of western films. Then we proceed to Khamilia, a village inhabited by the Gnawa, ex slaves of Sudan who now live in Morocan territory. After a tea with them, the Gnawa will introduce us to their music and dances. We will get carried away by the hypnotic and repetitive rhythms that still accompany the ancient sacred ceremonies of these populations today. The visit continues as we enter the dunes until we reach the spectacular lake on whose waters the golden dunes are reflected, a wonderful play of lights and colors (the water level depends on the rains of the previous months) We will also visit areas rich in fossils and the area or the fascinating ex mines. TO FINISH: a picnic in the desert

Duration: half day Possibility to extend to the whole day with the addition of a visit to some beautiful oasis

EXCURSION - The market and the kasbahs of Rissani

This excursion will take us to visit the town of Rissani, the first economic capital of Morocco and the first imperial city in the history of the country The ancient grandeur is long gone. Today Rissani offers a complex of kasbahs and a very lively market, where you can still breathe the atmosphere of a genuine Moroccan market in a phantasmagorical succession of colors, smells and sounds. The nomads of the region still come here to exchange goods and buy or sell animals. Duration: half day

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